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At the beginning, Arcanis wasn't destined for a career in art, yet...
After obtaining a simple diploma, he started a profession as a metalworker. He later participated in the Trades Olympiad, organized by the best workers in France, and received double medals.
It was while working at a palace in Gstaad, Switzerland, that his artistic talent awakened. There, he encountered numerous works of art of all kinds and was impressed by the skills on display. He then thought to himself: "Why not me?"...

The boat

On the surface, Arcanis draws inspiration from grand racing sailboats promoting numerous prestigious brands.

But fundamentally, the boat and money are associated with freedom, as they allow one to travel beyond terrestrial borders and discover new horizons.

This representation could evoke the idea that wealth allows access to freedom of choice, by offering the possibility of sailing to exotic destinations and experiencing luxury and comfort. However, this concept could also be interpreted as a critique of consumer society and the obsession with wealth...

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