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THE hermes vandal


Since 1837, generation after generation, the Hermès house has followed a double framework, that of the meticulous work of the craftsman and that of the way of life of its customers. Driven by an undeniable spirit of freedom and creation, Hermès demonstrates constant sensitivity and attention to changes in society and its needs. In total, with adequacy by the values of the Hermes house Arcanis decided to pay tribute to its creator. by reinterpreting the colors of the House on its work of art.


on a stand or on the wall


  • Work of art on a wall or on a base, signed and numbered by the artist 

  • Limited edition of 8 copies + 4 EA per size 

  • Mirror polished stainless steel 

  • the sails printed on silver foil lined with a layer of acrylic glass.

  • Sold with its framed certificate of authenticity 

  • 100% French design and manufacture

  • 70X55X10cm


The box contains:

1x Sculpture 

1x Base

1x Wall bracket

1x Framed Certificate of Authenticity

1x Pair of jewelers gloves

1x Sticker envelope

1x Microfiber cloth

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