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At first, Arcanis was not destined for a career in art, and yet...

He started his career as a metalworker. Later on, he participated in the Olympics of Trades, organized by the Best Craftsmen of France, and came out doubly medaled.

It was while working in Switzerland, at a palace located in Gstaad, that his artistic talent awakened. He discovered numerous works of art of all kinds and was filled with admiration. He then said to himself, "Why not me?"

By combining his skills and ingenuity, Arcanis found his own path and developed his art. He used his knowledge in metallurgy and embarked on sculpture, which was the first step towards his position as an artist.

His trademark was born with his concept "The Boat". He combines artisanal craftsmanship with a certain aesthetic, resulting in a clever blend of the hardness of metal and the softness of art. A bold and assertive design that perfectly represents Arcanis.

The enthusiasm around Arcanis testifies, "The Boat" mingles with all social circles and brings everyone to an agreement.

The richness of his influences and his desire to connect with the widest possible audience ensure him a promising future. He invites you into a confident and innovative universe that dazzles with the beauty of the gesture and the precision of the execution. A renewal that will never cease to amaze you.

On the surface, Arcanis draws his inspiration from large racing sailboats bearing many prestigious brands.

But in essence, the boat and money are associated with freedom, as it allows us to travel beyond terrestrial borders and discover new horizons.

This representation could suggest the idea that wealth provides access to freedom of choice by offering the opportunity to navigate to exotic destinations and experience luxury and comfort. However, this concept could also be interpreted as a critique of consumer society and the obsession with wealth...

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